Welcome to Coco Valour, My name is Shari - Martha. I'm 17 years old and I love everything Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle related, So that is the reason why I wanted to start this blog. But if you've read my first blog post you'll know that this is my...you could say my second attempt at blogging. My previous blog was at first Shanel, But I later changed to Shari - Martha.

Q & A :
What is the meaning behind Coco Valour and How did you come up with it?
The meaning behind it is, well for me Coco stands for all the glamour related things in my life and Valour for the brave & adventurous things in my life. For how I came up with it was, I've always wanted to name my blog something with coco...But none of the names ( with my previous blog ) were original and for valour I do not know how, but I was literally just sitting in front of my computer and out of nowhere valour popped into my head. Then I put Coco & Valour together and it and it just felt good. After that I quickly googled what valour meant and it was perfect, because it means courage and bravery. 

Where are you from?
Born and raised in the sunny Suriname, Which is in South - America for those who do not know.

When is your birthday?
21 Oktober #Libra

Do you have any questions for me? You could tweet or mail me X